Be Inspired by the Colors of Nature

The elegance of diamond earrings and the playfulness of paillettes finally together in Diamonds Paillettes. Rediscover the beauty of nature: Brown Diamonds for the Earth, White Diamonds for the Sun and Black Diamonds for the magic atmosphere of the Night.

Discover a World of Beauty

Diamonds Paillettes accompanies you on a journey within essentiality and innovation, revisiting stylistic features of the high jewelery in a more glamorous and artisan taste.
Close your eyes, breathe the charm of rose gold and listen to the call of real diamonds: you are already flying with us!

Enter Our World


Express Yourself

Wear Paillettes Diamonds to discover the preciousness of gold. Experiment with design, colors and high-quality handmade jewelry diamonds.
Have fun giving a precious touch of uniqueness to your look: play with a multitude of proposals and combinations of earrings, bracelets, necklaces and
diamond rings: Female is you!