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Every story has its Paillette

Live magical moments with Paillettes, our tribute to fascinating moments that still manage to fill our hearts with magic.
Discover the elegance of
rose gold and its precious messages dedicated to you.
Because You are the protagonist of our story.

Star Paillettes

Is there anything more inscrutable than the stars? Unreachable celestial bodies, infinitely distant in the sky.
However, they light our way every night, thanks to the magic of their brightness, making us fantasize about unknown worlds as we look upwards.
Star Paillettes is the collection dedicated to those who love to fly to new and distant places, no matter if with the body or with the mind: you go higher and higher, without limits. Just follow your star ..

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Open the door to a new magical world to explore.
Free your imagination and fly wherever you want with the 
Paillettes collection by Burato Gioielli.

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