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Craft jewelry production

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Craft jewelry production: How do you create a jewel?

Jewels in the world: the cultural aspect

Who among us does not know the story of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone or the story of Frodo the hobbit and his journey through Middle-earth in the Lord of the Rings, raise your hand. Precious stones and jewels have always been part of the common imagination, with stories that see them as priceless and sometimes even unreachable protagonists, others in which they represent the symbol of romantic love, and others in which they are the fruit
of immense luck. A single aspect unites them in each of these narratives: they always appear shining and perfect. But what is behind such beauty? We at Burato Gioielli want to tell you about it!

Made in Italy

All production, from designing to final processing, is carried out in Italy,respecting the surrounding environment and following the ethical principles that constitute Burato Gioielli.

High jewellery production: inspiration comes first

To tell the journey of a jewel from a pure idea up to the final product, what you will find in person or in the online store, we decided to start from the true principle at the base of all our creations: fantasy, passion and love for beautiful things act as a muses for the creation of the jewel, together with the deep attention for the trends of the moment that has always distinguished Burato Gioielli. When we manage to put our deepest desires into the designs, it is only then that the production phase begins, through a series of production processes ideal for guaranteeing certified jewellery.


The Ladies of the Rings: the importance of the female footprint

Creating a jewel is far from a simple job: the precision that requires every single gesture and the attention in dealing with very small products, makes the female hand the ideal tool to carry out many production processes with high reliability. A unique touch that is reflected in every aspect of the jewel, a product designed and made by women for women.

In the midst of production: The stages of making gold jewellery

So, how do you make a gold ring with diamonds, just like the one you've always dreamed of having as an engagement ring?

After rendering the ring we are designing, we move on to the following fundamental phases:
● Modeling
● Merging
● Finishings 
● Setting of diamonds
● Final cleaning

The modeling of the ring

During the modeling phase a wax model is created. At this moment attention is paid to the weight of the object, so that it is not uncomfortable once worn, and to the thicknesses and spaces necessary to set the diamonds, respecting what the desired final result will be.

The merging process

In a second step we proceed with the lost wax micro-fusion, a technique of creating jewellery that involves the use of wax models. These "spindles" (the name derives from their branched shape) made of wax are fixed inside a metal cylinder, usually made of steel, inside which liquid chalk is poured. After placing the cylinder to heat in an oven, the wax begins to melt leaving cavities in the plaster, which has previously solidified (from this step the whole process takes the name of "lost wax", as the latter is replaced by the chalk).

Once this process is completed, the molten gold is poured into the model. When everything has cooled down, the golden tree is removed from its container to finally dismantle it into individual pieces, on which the craftsman can continue the processing.

The finishing phase

In this phase we proceed with a first sanding and refining the object, eliminating the imperfections from the surfaces and thus preparing it for the next phase, the setting of the diamond, at the master goldsmiths of Made in Italy jewellery, in Valenza. Of course, this happens after a first quality control of the product.

The setting of the diamonds

The setting processes of Valenza's jewels represent one of the highest peaks of Made in Italy: the reliability and dexterity of the master goldsmiths is superfine and guarantees an exceptional result, also thanks to the use of professional microscopes that allow extreme precision in the casing. Using the pavè technique, or "on the floor", the diamonds are set in the chosen surface, very close to each other. In this way the light reflecting on the diamonds is amplified, as is the final shine.

The final cleaning

The last phase is fundamental to understand how to clean a jewel, while further quality checks are carried out. Once a first cleaning is completed, the washing is carried out, first using ultrasounds and then vaporisation, and with the galvanic treatment, a special treatment necessary if diamonds and precious stones are used. Finally, the meticulous hand polishing and a final quality control are the final touches of our master craftsmen. The ring of your dreams is finally ready to be put on your finger!

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